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  • 7 Secrets to Fan the Flame – eBook


    Are you having enough ‘Funtime’ together?
    Are you having sufficient meaningful communication?
    Do you feel more important than all your husband/wife’s other interests?
    Is your sexual intimacy what it could/ should be?
    Is your marriage one where self-worth and significance is built up?

    Enrich your marriage with:
    • More excitement and passion.
    • More gentleness and respect.
    • Deeper communication and intimacy. Intimacy is the heartbeat of married life. Without it, we shrivel and die; with it we blossom and release the intoxicating fragrance of love that causes us to soar on the wings of delight.

    Celebrate the joy of marriage, as we discover and apply these life changing keys.

  • Lindah’s Living Kitchen – Recipe eBook



    Come learn how you can revolutionize your health through. Whole Food Plant-Based Eating. Includes demonstrations, tasters and light lunch.


    • The Dairy Dilemma
    • Plant Based Proteins You Should Be Eating
    • Losing The Fat
    • The Carb Question
    • Practical Steps To Transition
    • Preventing Lifestyle Diseases

    By Lindah Robinson (Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition)

  • Living in God’s River of Mercy – eBook


    A book written to give new hope and joy through the power of the river of God’s mercy. It is time to unlock God’s blessing for you and your world.


  • Living in Your Miracle – Overcoming Crisis – eBooklet


    Written by Drummond and Lindah Robinson

    Today, whenever we open the newspapers of look at the TV, the message we are getting is that the world is in crisis. As a result, it is so easy to live our own personal lives in a crisis, hoping for a miracle.

    This booklet will help move you from crisis, to living in the miraculous covenant blessing of God.

  • Men Of Honor – eBook


    This book focuses on a special quality that, if embraced by men, can change the lives of those around them and even the course of history. This is not something reserved for a few mighty men of valor, but for every man. It requires courage, perseverance, faithfulness and a willingness of men to serve and even lay down their lives for others. I am referring to the life changing commission of God to walk in honor; living by its code as an all consuming value in every relationship. Honor can be shown publicly, but also quietly and inconspicuously. It operates through honoring attitudes, words and actions and gives respect, dignity and value to those we deal with daily.

  • Spicing up your Marriage – eBook


    Marriage is supposed to be a joy and delight! Many women have allowed their marriages to become dull and boring and then are surprised when their husbands are lured away by the enticements of other women.

    Lindah’s heart is to inspire and equip wives to bring new life and passion into their marriages, enrapturing their husbands hearts and transporting them with delight in their love.

  • The Meaning and Power of Covenant in Marriage – eBooklet


    This book is about knowing and applying “new covenant” principles that will cause you to experience the empowering Spirit of Jesus Christ in your marriage. This will bring freedom, joy, peace, abundant love and blessings to your marriage.

    2 Samuel 23:4 Is it not my family God has chosen?
    Yes, he has made an everlasting covenant with me. His agreement is arranged and guaranteed in every detail. He will ensure my safety and success.

  • Two Kingdoms – Your choice, your destiny – eBooklet


    There are two kingdoms, each with it’s own system of principles and authority that can govern our lives. The one offers hope and blessing, the other despair and destruction. Which on e are you choosing?

    Written by Drummond and Lindah Robinson

    There are two kingdoms, each with it’s own system of principles and authority that can govern our lives. The one offers hope and blessing, the other despair and destruction. Which on e are you choosing?

    Matthew 6:25A, 26B, 33
    Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor about your body and what you shall put on… Are you not of more value than they?
    But seek ye first His Kingdom, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.