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The Promise – Course

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In this seminar, we predominately explore the prophetic significance of how the ministry of Jesus was launched at the wedding feast of Cana and how this affects our lives today.

We touch on the truths of the Feasts of Israel that foreshadow this event. It was at the wedding at Cana where Jesus turned the water into wine and the master of the ceremonies declared, “You have saved the best till now.” It prophetically points to Jesus returning for His Bride and the new wine that would be released through this relationship.

This serves as our inspiration for this seminar. The whole heart of a wedding is the Covenant vows or promises that are made between the bride and groom. The Bible is a love story and the restoration of the intimate relationship between God and His people.

When you have all 7 in your heart, you will have the treasure of intimacy and hopefully you will discover “the giver” of the treasure. Enjoy the journey.

May love, joy and peace be yours.

Drummond & Lindah Robinson

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