Leaders Manual (Rising Above)


NB: This is an OPTIONAL EXTRA for those who are leading a group.

The Leaders Manual offers more insights, knowledge and gives extra background content into the Rising Above course.
There is a “Leaders Review” section at the end of each session to guide you in your group discussions.
Training Video. There is also an introductory video included with your purchase of the Leaders manual to view before you start the course.
Support. You will be notified of extra training and support meetings via Zoom, only for leaders.



Register your group.
Download and print the Work Manuals for each participant.
Each participant needs to complete the registration process so that they have their own access to the videos.
NB: As a leader you need to familiarize yourself with the material before starting your group.

The course is designed to cause a closer connection in the group and build the team dynamics as they share and encourage each other to Rise Above.


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