A vital element of leadership

Leadership involves mentoring and coaching

Part of a leaders role is to inspire, encourage and help develop the potential in the people we are responsible for. When mentoring is done effectively, everyone benefits including the Organization that we are part of, whether that is business, church, social group or sports team.

The problem with mentoring is that very few people have the skills to actually be effective. We all talk about it, we all know we should be doing it…

But how?

Mentoring/discipleship needs to be intentional, with clear direction, a reliable resource and a commitment to participate in the process.

Rising Above - Mentorship

RISING ABOVE is a Life Tool that is ideal to assist you in your mentoring process.

  • It is assists both the leader and the recipient in the process.
  • It provides a specific guideline and clear direction so everyone knows where they are going.
  • It provides clear assessments so that both parties can measure the progress and personal growth.
  • It avoids that awkward “now what or where to” in your discussion times.
  • It helps develop “lifestyle balance”, mental and emotional wellness.
  • It help to reduce “stress” and burnout and gives people fresh vision and purpose.

Team Performance

Team performance is directly linked to the mental and emotional state of each individual. The fact is, we don’t always know the condition of people’s lives and the challenges they are facing.

There are many factors like;

  • Relationship challenges,
  • Personal confidence
  • Contentment or even health issues.

Unfortunately most leaders do not have the knowledge or skills to help people in their personal struggles.

Team Performance Rising Above

RISING ABOVE is a resource to help form a bridge so we connect more effectively, resulting in meaningful change and growth in peoples lives which impacts team performance.

There are 9 video sessions which can be streamed in peoples own time.

This is then followed up with discussion and assessment using the full colour manual that each participant receives.

  • The sessions are not just information but a “Life Tool” that provides ongoing referral, assessment and direction.
  • Hundreds of people have been set free from confusion, stress, burnout, frustration, relationship breakdown & wanting to “give up”.