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Our group dashboard is design to help you keep better track of all your Groups and associated Group Leaders. With this, you get an enhanced Groups Dashboard for quick and easy Group management. Group Leaders can also view all Group activities at one glance.

Easily manage groups

The group leader can manage the entire group right from the front-end of the website within the group dashboard easily. No extra steps.

Group leaders can track progress group with reports

Detailed learner reports give Group Leaders much-needed data about student progress. Group Leaders can pay extra attention to learners who aren’t completing the course at the expected rate.

One-click student management

The Group Leader can enroll/unenroll students in a group and hence manage the courses associated with the group.


The Group Leader can enroll/unenroll students in a group and all members who enroll get access to the group dashboard where they can easily access the Rising Above course – convenient management dashboard for Group Leaders and the group members.


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You will get access to a webinar including free participant workbook.

Yes absolutely. In fact it is best to do the course with someone close to you so you can share the experience, encourage one another and grow together.

Each session is about 45-60 minutes. There are specially designed assignments that you need to complete. They give you feedback as to where you are in the different areas of your life and how to apply simple actionable steps to make a meaningful and lifechanging difference.

Yes you will receive a certificate provided you complete all the sessions and assignments.

Yes. You can do it in groups. Our group discount is applied automatically at checkout for groups of 10 or more.

It is always best to work in groups or in pairs.

The group leader pays for the amount of members at checkout and accesses a custom group dashboard. Group leaders can then assign the slots bought to their members easily. Group leaders can remove users as well.

The group leader can access all downloadable resources and members can access the course material like our individual users during the course.

Yes, once you have completed the course, there is a leaders manual that you can purchase. You will also have access to a personal discussion time with Drummond & Lindah to review your understanding of the course and then be appointed as a leader/facilitator. You will be empowered to lead a group and do one to one mentoring more effectively while using the videos.

Facilitators will have 12 month access to the online video and course materials.

You will have access for 12 months or 365 days from the day registration takes place.

Yes. This course is accessible via smartphone and tablets. It would be recommended to view it on a laptop or computer.

You will need to sign-up for the course. Once you have done so you’ll be able to access the course via the learning dashboard. You do need access to the internet as all courses come with video content for viewing.

Right now! You can start for free if you want to try it out first. Access to the courses start immediately after registration.