The Promise

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In this seminar THE PROMISE, we predominantly look at the prophetic significance of how the ministry of Jesus was launched at the wedding feast of Cana and how this affects our lives today.

The topics and time scheduled for each of the sessions is as follows:

1. A VESSEL OF DESTINY 5 with Lindah Robinson
2. COVENANT PROMISES: THE BEST WINE 12 with Lindah Robinson
3. BECOMING THE VESSEL 18 with David Moss and Lindah Robinson
A: THE CUP OF INHERITANCE 31 with Lindah Robinson
B: THE CUP OF RESTORATION 36 with Carol Flack
C. THE CUP OF HOPE 40 with Janine Robinson

Addendum 1: Significance of the Feasts of Israel 44
Addendum 2: Significance of our seminar feast table 47
Addendum 3: Significance of the cups 49
Addendum 4: A Few More Special Promises 54
Facilitators Page 57
With Grateful Thanks 59