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Over the last 20 years that we have been involved in the restoration of marriages and families, we have identified 7 vital keys that opens the door to a happy and fulfilled marriage. We have also noticed that if any one of these keys is omitted from a marriage rela tionship even for a short period of time, the marriage will be subjected to immense strain, which often results in total breakdown. However, if applied diligently, they will transform your relationship and you and your family will live in abundant blessings.

The topics and time scheduled for each of the sessions is as follows:
Session 1 – Ignite Mercy – 19 minutes
Session 2 – Ignite Atmosphere – 24 minutes
Session 3 – Ignite Time – 15 minutes
Session 4 – Ignite Communication – 19 minutes
Session 5 – Ignite Honour – 12 minutes
Session 6 – Ignite Energy-16 minutes
Session 7 – Ignite Sexual Intimacy-27 minutes